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« How dare you ?! I would never leave my Mosconi !! »

I’m a bit a noob at Payday 2 but I looove that game so freaking much. So this little comic is dedicated to my heisting buddies who have the patience to tolerate me ! :)

…Expect a few more Payday 2 comics from me based on true events !

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Arin Hanson enjoys makeup and cute clothes.

Never forget that.

Bomb Threat Targeted Anita Sarkeesian, Gaming Awards Last March



Oh, good job, gamer culture, you’ve resorted to literal terrorism now.

Ha,let me guess, the usual basement dwellers are going to say this is all a conspiracy again and she sent the e-mails herself or something. 



Four White guys with multiple weapons were taken into custody. Not shot and kill and left out on the road. They were arrested and given due process. They’re names aren’t leaked. We’re not seeing invasions into their facebooks for impeding trials. We’re not even seeing mug shots. We don’t know if they’re anarchist, klan or anything at all. We just know they left the scene of an armed chase alive.

However an UNARMED black kid walking the streets of his neighborhood was shot 6 times by the police.

This is the difference, the racism and the outrage.

Post racial America my ass. #ferguson #racism

Egregious example of white supremacy:

Police officers chase down and apprehend four white dudes with multiple weapons, no one is hurt.

A disabled black man with a knife is shot down from 10 or more feet away because cops felt “threatened.”



Disarming Design from Palestine

Disarming Design from Palestine is an inclusive design label that presents functional products from Palestine, that provide an alternative narrative from what you might usually find in the high street. The collection includes objects such as hourglasses that use cement from the separation wall, a dress made out of one keffiyeh, embroidered car decorations, scarfs depicting landscapes, olive leaves as earrings and an impossible chess game with water tanks and watch towers. The growing collection of products is presented on-line and through a traveling exhibition.*

As a collection it aims to represent Palestinian culture in its current reality and reflect upon the function of art in situations of conflict.

The goods are developed, designed and produced by contemporary designers, artists and students in collaboration with local artisans and producers.

During several ‘create-shops’ they engage in an enriching design dialogue with small emerging businesses and international colleagues. The project aims to catalyze the development of design as a discourse in Palestine.


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when someone tries to explain how to do something and all you hear is




I need this. Like NOW.

Awwwww… I think it’s really cute when cats have best friends.

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I had kind of a nerd-out this morning. But I felt like everyone needed to know about this.


Utopia (Australia, 2014)


Utopia is a documentary about the past and present of the brutality inflicted on Aboriginal peoples by the white invaders.

While we hate the fact that this documentary is only getting attention because it’s a white male saying what Aboriginal Australians have been saying forever, it is nevertheless a must watch.

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