It was hardly a secret that among the Ancients, love was free and easy. It was rare to see other heroes as they all had to commit to their techniques and quests in various parts of the world, that to all be gathered together was a once in a lifetime event. There were certain pairings or groups of lovers, not without the occasional spat or overlap of course.

Sven strolled through the Radiant village, the slowly growing community of tents and camp sites just beyond the fountain. Despite his well-earned reputation for being a brooding loner, he was not without his lovers and admirers. He would still walk from this place alone, he didn’t doubt that, but he knew better than most to enjoy the time given with others, little as it may be.

Some of the tents and camps were made quite homely, with flowers and artifacts from home. Others were bare and spartan, either from a refusal to settle comfortably here or simply because there was nothing for them to decorate their temporary quarters. The tent Sven stopped outside was one of the latter. Only a standard stood planted in the dirt, proudly displaying the banner of the Bronze Legion. “Commander, I’m here. Sven.” He announced himself, waiting to be permitted entry.

"Enter!" The interior was just as bare as the exterior with only trophies and items of war present, aside for the minimalistic bed. Tresdin was standing, evidently waiting for him. She was dressed casually which was a rare occasion. Many heroes would say she lived for war, much like Axe, almost to the point of not existing outside the battlefield. Even as well as he knew her, Sven knew that her purpose was to battle.

"You came quickly. Good." She spoke briskly.
"You said it was an important matter."
"It is. It’s about Rylai."
"What about her?" Sven perked up slightly. Both he and Tresdin were romantically involved with the Crystal Maiden, forming an amicable relationship between all three of them. While the two sword fighters were not above trying to one-up the other in sexual acts, they both wanted Rylai to be happy and that was the important part.

Tresdin, naturally, didn’t sugarcoat her words.
"You’re bad at pleasing her when you go down on her."
"It’s true." Tresdin shrugged nonchalantly, unfazed by Sven’s outburst.. "And while I enjoy an easy victory, I prefer a well-earned one. Get on your back. I’m going to teach you how to do it right with Rylai." She left no room for arguing so Sven settled for glaring at her, before taking off his helm and lying on the bed, huffing.

"This is for Rylai, right? You’re not doing this just to sit on me." The only answer he got was a rolling of her eyes as Tresdin stripped off her lower garments.
"Shut up. If I wanted that, I’d go for a guy with a moustache." She wasted no time in straddling over Sven’s face. They had done this before, both with and without Rylai, so there was no embarrassment between them.
"Now, I’m going to tell you what to do and how to do it and you’re gonna do it. And you’re gonna remember how to do it for Rylai. Yes, Sven?"
"Yeah, yeah-"

But as Sven shifted, reaching to touch her, Tresdin grabbed his arm in a crushing grip.
"What did I just say?" She let go so he could lower his hand, nodding at his obedience. "Good. Now, start by breathing over me. Keep your breath warm." It sounded a bit silly to Sven. Breathe on her? But he did as he was told.

Lifting his head he exhaled over her privates. Above him Tresdin sighed. “Good. Keep at it.” She lowered herself slightly, so Sven’s lips were brushing against her as he inhaled and exhaled. Each inhale felt cold; each exhale warm, the gentle drag of his dry lips teasing over her labia.